Public safety in San Joaquin County is strengthened thanks to a recent partnership between the Delta GPS Unit of CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

The Delta GPS Unit and the DA’s Office teamed to process new convictions on parolees that were once “parole only violations.”

Many of the parole offenders could have been arrested on a fresh charge if the local law enforcement agencies had the time and resources to investigate and submit new charges with the local DA’s Office.

Recognizing a need, agents with the Delta GPS Unit stepped in.

“Our parole staff continues to partner with law enforcement and the community to make the most of our limited resources — all in an effort to remove the most dangerous sex offenders from our streets,” said Margarita Perez, director of the Division of Adult Parole Operations.

Delta GPS Agents Adolfo Romero and Jim Urtasun are working to establish a protocol and policy where new charges could be directly filed by the parole agent with the DA’s Office. Initial efforts were focused on sex offenders as these individuals pose a high risk to the community, but the focus has since expanded to include other parolees that are deemed a danger to the community.

The effort also aims to assist local law enforcement with new charges in relation to PC 290 parolee at large and failure to register cases. The Delta GPS agents are getting bench warrants approved and signed by a local judge so that parolees who abscond get new convictions for such acts as failure to register PC290, simple drug possessions and firearm violations.

With the addition of the bench warrants it alerts the arresting agencies that this parolee faces more than just parole violations charges, there are pending local charges from the county who issued the bench warrant.