Did you know you have peer support available through local teams?

Local peer support teams consist of non-custody and custody staff at CDCR locations statewide.

The Office of Employee Wellness staff the peer support team for headquarters in Sacramento; however, all CDCR locations have peer support teams, including institutions, parole offices, DJJ facilities, and the Office of Correctional Safety that provide support to CDCR staff in their areas.

There are more than 900 CDCR staff trained in peer support.

The team members are trained in providing peer support and resources to ensure the overall health and well-being of staff.

Team members are compassionate and have the desire to help fellow staff in times of need.  They will listen and offer appropriate resources to help manage life’s challenges.

Peer support teams have helped many CDCR employees and their families get through traumatic events that have taken place at work.  Team members understand the impact an incident can have not only on the employee, but  family members as well.

A list of the statewide PSP Team Leaders can be found on the PSP site.

For a PDF of PSP Team Leaders, click on the link below:

Statewide PSP Team Leaders

Take the time to know your local peer support team and reach out to them for guidance and/or assistance.  If you are worried about a co-worker, please don’t hesitate to call your local peer-support team leader or the Office of Employee Wellness to have a peer support member check on the employee and offer additional support.  The PSP team members take great pride and are very effective in their role of supporting CDCR’s staff.

More information can be found on the PSP site at:


For a PDF of PSP Team Leaders, click on the link below:

Statewide PSP Team Leaders