The Military Peer Support Program provides information, support, and resources to CDCR employees and their families during pre-deployment and post-deployment.  The program’s goal is to ensure support and positive working relationships between the department and staff who have a military reserve obligation. It is important that CDCR’s military personnel know support is available through your local Peer Support Program (PSP).

The peer-support team members have military backgrounds that help them support other veterans. The members have experience with military deployment and the ability to relate to the deploying CDCR employees and their families.

These individuals are compassionate, sensitive, and able to assist employees in identifying the resources available to them to help deal with the underlying causes of stress related to military service.

PSP teams have helped many CDCR employees and their families during pre-deployment and post-deployment to military duty.  The team members understand the impact military service can have not only on the employee, but their family as well.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to help employees cope with emotional health, family, and other personal challenges.  Seeking clinical counseling through the EAP is one way to work through these problems.

To ensure the proper resources are received through EAP, be sure to request a clinician with a military specialty.

If you or someone you know is a CDCR employee leaving or returning from military duty, contact your local peer support team or the Office of Employee Wellness to have a PSP member offer additional support to the employee.

Please take the time to know your local PSP team and reach out to them for guidance and/or assistance.

You can reach EAP by calling (866) 327-4762, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Or visit:                                                                                                                        and register with access code: soc

Or go to the CDCR Office of Wellness site at:

For a PDF of PSP Team Leaders, click on the link below:

Statewide PSP Team Leaders