By Lt. Dean Spears, Administrative Assistant/PIO

The California Men’s Colony’s (CMC) Fire Department recently was the first crew to arrive on scene and suppress an electrical fire causing major damage to a building at the San Luis Obispo County Jail Honor Farm.  The Building housed the laundry facility, supplies and a workshop.

The CMC Fire Department put out a fire at the San Luis Obispo County honor farm that damaged the laundry facilities.

After assessing the resulting damage of their facility, the San Luis Obispo County sheriff requested assistance from CMC to help with immediate and urgent laundry needs.  The California Prison Industries Authority (CALPIA) at CMC was quick to respond to their request for assistance by processing over 1,300 pounds of laundry within days of the fire.

The CALPIA has since approved a contract with the Sheriff’s Office to take care of their needs until they are able to repair the building and replace the laundry equipment lost in the fire.

CMC is a multi-mission institution that houses more than 5,200 inmates, employs nearly 1,800 staff, and includes a general acute care hospital, CAL-Fire Fire Camp, substance abuse program, an accredited school, and an extensive PIA program.