Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) helped make a merrier Christmas for almost 80 kindergarten and first-grade students at a local school through PSBP’s second annual Operation Santa.

The program was started last year by Warden Greg Lewis, who initiated similar programs during his other CDCR assignments in other communities.

Two classes at a local elementary school were adopted and the children wrote letters to Santa, 76 in all.

PBSP personnel took the letters and tried to fulfill the requests. A couple of the letters, however, asked for a bit more than the PBSP staff could deliver, said PBSP Community Resource Manager Robert Losacco. One letter asked for a boyfriend for the student’s mother, he said.

The students were asked to list three gifts with the idea they would get one, Losacco said, but the majority of PBSP staff members bought all three gifts for their students.