By Eric Reslock, CALPIA

The California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) recently conducted graduations at the California Institution for Men (CIM) and the California Institution for Women (CIW) for 11 inmates who completed training that will help them obtain jobs and become productive members of society.

From left, CIM Warden Brenda Cash, CALPIA General Manager Charles Pattillo, and Assemblywoman Norma Torres with a graduate (in blue shirt).

The inmates completed work through CALPIA’s highly successful Career Technical Education (CTE) program.

Five offenders at the Leonard Greenstone Marine Technical Training Center (MTTC) at CIM received diplomas recognizing their certification in commercial diving, dive inspecting, and underwater welding.

State Assemblywoman Norma Torres offered encouraging words of support for the graduates at the event.

The MTTC program’s recidivism rate of less than 7 percent makes MTTC one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in the United States.

MTTC classes include welding and cutting, and all phases of operations and repair of diesel engines, compressors, pneumatic tools, rigging, marine construction, power plants, and pump houses.  Participants also are required to master classes in physics, physiology, dive medicine, proper tool handling, blueprint reading, and seamanship.

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A CIW, six inmates received diplomas after earning CALPIA certification in carpentry.

CALPIA’s CTE carpentry program graduates have a cumulative recidivism rate of just 7.6 percent.

The CTE carpentry program trains inmates in various construction skills that include welding and ironwork, general labor, and finished carpentry. CALPIA provides paroled graduates with a set of tools and a tool belt so they are ready for their first day of on job.

To increase the chance of employment, all CALPIA participants are required to obtain a high school diploma, or complete a GED, within two years of participating in a CTE program or employment in a CALPIA enterprise.

From left CIW Warden Guillermo Garcia, Chief Deputy Warden Tamara Kabban-Miller, CTE Carpentry graduates (in pink shirts), Rudy Reyes, CALPIA, and CALPIA General Manager Charles Pattillo