By OPEC Staff

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department called Sierra Conservation Center on Feb. 5 to ask negotiating help in situation that involved a suicidal man who was barricaded in his Willow Springs home. A SCC negotiator ended the standoff without use of force.

The SCC Crisis Response Team met with Sheriff’s Department officials at the Willow Springs Club House in Soulsbyville for a briefing.

The CRT was told that the 59-year-old man was upset by the lack of cell phone service and having his eBay account discontinued.  Officials were told that the man doesn’t like minorities, the president or anything to do with the government.

He had sought to be baptized earlier in the day, and for unknown reasons was denied by the pastor. According to officials, the man then told the pastor that if police showed up at his house, he would shoot it out with them.

The man also told a neighbor that he had a .357-caliber pistol by the front door. A records check indicated he had several registered pistols and rifles.

A negotiations center was established, but attempts to contact the man by phone were unsuccessful and so the center moved to near the man’s house. Negotiators were able to use the public address system of Sheriff’s Department patrol cars to contact the man.

The four-hour situation ended without use of force when Correctional Officer Michael Bullock successfully convinced the man to come out onto the porch, where he was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies.