Award letters for those successful in the Statewide Bid Process (SWB) or Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) are being mailed today (Feb. 1) by the Office of Resource Planning.

Participation in the SWB/VTP – depending on whether the employee is in a peace officer or non-peace officer classification – was offered to employees potentially impacted by the Wave 3 Layoffs as a possible way to remain employed by CDCR.

Since both SWB and VTP are outside the layoff process, however, an employee who moves as a result of either process has no guarantee of not being impacted by the layoff process.

The awards are binding and irrevocable. Employees awarded a position through SWB will be expected to report to their new locations on Tuesday, Feb. 19, and those awarded a position through VTP will be expected to report to their new locations on Monday, March 4.

Employees impacted by Wave 3 Layoffs should visit the Layoff Resources website for information about the layoff process, frequently asked questions, links to labor agreements with affected labor organizations, etc.