By OPEC Staff

The Office of Resource Planning (ORP) mailed Layoff / Placement letters today as the Wave 3 Layoffs near their conclusion. The letters provide the impacted employee 30 days’ notice of:

  • Retention as a CDCR employee in current classification and location;
  • Retention as a CDCR employee in a different classification or location as chosen on the Options Worksheet and based on seniority;
  • Separation from State service as chosen on the Options Worksheet; or
  • Layoff.

The 30-day notice means that layoffs will be effective April 30. For employees remaining with CDCR but given Placement in a different classification or location, their report date is May 1.

Employees required to attend a transitional academy will report to the Richard A. McGee Training Center in Galt on April 17.

An employee who has been laid off, has demoted to retain employment or has separated rather than accepting layoff will be given re-employment list eligibility as of May 1.

The employee’s name is placed on the re-employment list in the classification or classifications from which he or she was laid off or demoted through. The name remains on the list for five years or until hired into a permanent position in one of the classifications. If the employee is hired into a limited-term position, the employee’s name remains on the list.

While May 1 will mark the end of the Wave 3 Layoffs, it does not necessarily mean the end of possible changes.

After the layoff process has concluded, an employee in a location that still has a surplus in his or her classification may be “redirected” or involuntarily transferred to a location in the same county that has a vacancy in the classification. The employee to be transferred will be the least-senior in the classification at the overstaffed location.

Any employee with questions about the Layoff / Placement letters or involuntary transfers should contact the ORP Customer Service Unit, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding state holiday, Monday, April 1) at (877) 297-5599. The Customer Service Unit also can be contacted by email at