Employees impacted by Wave 3 Layoffs who were awarded a position through the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) are expected to report to their new locations on Monday, March 4.

The VTP provided impacted employees an opportunity to transfer in an effort to improve their chances of retaining employment with CDCR.  Employees who were awarded a transfer were given at least 30 days’ notice between the award and their start date.

Changes in a start date could be granted by agreement between releasing and receiving worksites.

The award of a transfer is binding and irrevocable, meaning that failure to report to a new work location by the assigned date will result in the employee being designated as Absent Without Leave (AWOL) and subject to AWOL separation.

Because the Voluntary Transfer Process occurs outside the layoff process, award of a new position does not give an employee awarded a new position immunity from layoff.