By Jason Ingman, Parole Agent I

Every teenager who has watched an Indy car or NASCAR race has at one point wondered what it would be like to sit behind the wheel of a high-speed race car and test their skills against a field of other racers.

The young men of the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp are no different.  While we may not have access to 850-horsepower NASCAR race cars, we have the next best thing – K-1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing.

Young men at Pine Grove who have demonstrated an exceptional ability to adhere to the program requirements in all four phases of camp – fire crew, treatment, group living and education – are designated as “A-level.”

In recognition of their exceptional performance and behavior, A-level youth are rewarded throughout the year with A-level activities, both on and off camp grounds.

Pine Grove go carts

Pine Grove youth race go-carts. (Photo by PA I Jason Ingman)

With the 2013 Spring Exercises only a few weeks away, 18 A-level youth from the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp were treated to a night of racing at K-1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing.

After the racing, the youth had pizza and soda at Round Table Pizza in Jackson.  While they were enjoying their victory dinner, Richard Wolcott, the owner/operator of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Jackson treated the youth to soft-serve ice cream in recognition of all the fire-fighting and forestry services provided by the youth in the greater Amador County area.

The staff of Pine Grove Conservation Camp would like to thank Richard for his generosity and all the A-level firefighters for their continued outstanding performance in the Pine Grove program.