By Lt. Roland Ramon, Administrative Assistant/PIO

The Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad recently held a graduation for the inmates housed in Facility C.

Many family, friends, and staff attended this graduation in support of the students who have achieved various degrees and certificates.

The student achievements for 2012 are as follows:

• 15 Vocational certifications from Office Services and Related Technologies (OSRT)

• 69 General Educational Development (GED); 33 of these graduates were present, 36 having paroled, transferred, or re-entered society.

• 16 college graduates, including nine Associate of Arts (AA) and five Associate of Science degrees from Coastline Community College, two Bachelor of Arts degrees from California Coast University, one Bachelor of Arts degree from CSU Sacramento, and one Bachelor of Science degree from the University of London (some graduates earned multiple degrees).

The ceremony featured speeches from Warden (A) Marion E. Spearman, Associate Warden William Wilson, Principal Gerald Atchley and students from each program.   A reception and visiting followed the ceremony.

The Graduation was guided by Warden (A) Spearman and was successful due to his leadership and ability to bring the community together, said Vice Principal Kevin Kessler .

Currently, there are 163 students enrolled in Coastline and Lassen Community Colleges, 30 students attending Palo Verde Community College who have previously earned AA degrees working on Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Certifications.

There are nine students working on Bachelor of Arts or Master’s Degrees from Adams State University, California State University Dominguez Hills, Colorado State University, Pueblo, California Coast University, Global University, and Vision International College and University.

Since 2010 there have been 72 college graduates.

CTF is now a Reentry Hub and will continue to provide inmate students with educational and vocational skills to prepare them for life outside of prison.


CTF Warden (A) Marion E. Spearman speaks at the graduation ceremony.

AW Wilson 1

CTF Associate Warden William Wilson speaks at the graduation ceremony.