By Lupe Cartagena, Administrative Assistant/PIO

The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (SATF) recently held a ceremony for 77 graduates from its Education Department.

Seventeen inmates received GED certificates; nine received Electrical Works National certification; 29 received Building Maintenance certificates, and 23 received Office Services and Related Technologies certificates.

The training gives inmates skills to use upon paroling or while incarcerated.

Warden Ralph M. Diaz invited family members to attend the graduation.

Warden Diaz opened the ceremony by stressing to the graduates that “it is my and my staff’s job and number one goal to make certain you physically do not escape this prison. It is your job and number one goal to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually escape to better your well being. You have achieved this.”

He also thanked family members for making the sacrifice to travel in order to celebrate with the graduates and for the support they gave the graduates.

Inmate Eric Hudson, who received a national certification from Electrical Works, addressed the graduates and attendees with a motivational speech.

He thanked the Warden and the education department for providing education programs for them to attend, and thanked the other graduates for their tutoring help.