Kathleen L. Dickinson and Terri L. Gonzalez were confirmed earlier this month as the Director and Associate Director, respectively, of the Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) by the California State Senate on bipartisan 30-0 votes.

The confirmation process for each began April 24 before the Senate Rules Committee.

Ms. Dickinson began her management career with CDCR in May 1983 as a Staff Services Manager I in the Office of Budget Management. She has held numerous positions since then, including Associate Warden, Assistant Regional Administrator, Chief of Institutional Programs and Chief of Operations Support.

She became the Chief Deputy Warden at the California Medical Facility in January 2007 and was appointed to Warden at the facility in November 2009.

In April 2011, Ms. Dickinson was appointed Associate Director, General Population Males and Camps Mission. As Associate Director, she was responsible for nine prisons, formulating and implementing departmental polices, rules, regulations and guidelines regarding the administration and operations of adult institutions, camps and community-based centers.  She was also responsible for planning and organizing program policies and activities for specialized headquarters-based programs and field operations.

In March 2012, Ms. Dickinson accepted an acting position as the Director, Division of Adult Institutions, and was appointed to that position in July.  As Director, she has overall responsibility for the management, oversight, and operation of 33 institutions,

42 conservation camps, 13 community correctional facilities, and four out-of-state facilities.

Ms. Gonzalez began her CDCR career in March 1988 as a Correctional Officer at the California State Prison-Corcoran. She was promoted to Correctional Sergeant in June 1993 and to Correctional Lieutenant in April 1997, while still at CSP-Corcoran. She then took on the role as Employee Relations Officer at CSP-Corcoran before promoting to Correctional Captain in May 2002.

In October 2004, Ms. Gonzalez accepted an assignment as Captain for the Standardization Review Unit at headquarters. From there, she promoted to Correctional Administrator at the California Men’s Colony in October 2005, Chief Deputy Administrator in November 2006, and in May 2011 was appointed Warden at CMC.

Ms. Gonzalez has been serving as the Associate Director, General Population Males Mission, since November 2011, which now covers 10 institutions.  As Associate Director, she is responsible for formulating and implementing departmental polices rules, regulations and guidelines regarding the administration and operations of adult institutions.  Additionally, Ms. Gonzalez has been instrumental in the Department’s Enhanced Drug Interdiction program, as well as many other special assignments.