Avenal State Prison (ASP) inmates recently raised more than $1,600 to help the Avenal High School football team buy equipment.

The institution allows inmates on programming facilities to participate in a food sale/ fundraiser on a rotational basis.

The events are coordinated by the Community Resource Manager, Larry Chavarria, and ILTAG self help volunteers Joann Thomas and Michele Loya.

The inmates are charged regular menu prices, plus a 20 percent surcharge, which benefits a charity or non-profit organization chosen by the inmates.

On May 25, the Facility E inmate population was authorized  to hold a food sale with  Kentucky Fried Chicken being the vendor of choice and the Avenal High School varsity football team as the designated beneficiary.

Total food sales for the event set an ASP record at $8,020.

On May 30, Avenal High School staff member were presented with a check in the amount of $1,604. These proceeds will go directly to the varsity football team to purchase equipment and uniforms.

Many Facility E inmates stated they were honored to raise these funds for Avenal High School, as many of its students have been actively participating in the prison’s Youth Adult Awareness Program (YAPP).

Avenal HS 007

From left, Ryan Veracryse (Varsity Coach), Rigoberto Leal (AHS Counselor), , Joann Thomas (ILTAG Sponsor), Michelle Loya (ILTAG Sponsor), Larry Chavarria (ASP CRM).

Food sales at ASP for this fiscal year have enabled the inmate population to donate approximately $8, 500 to such organizations as the Wounded Warrior Project, Avenal Police Activity League, Wish upon a Star, the Office of Restorative Services, Kings County Victim Services, Avenal Community Health Center, Avenal Senior Class Sober Grad Night and various Senior Programs.

Avenal HS 012

From left Dr. East (Superintendent of Schools), Larry Chavarria (ASP CRM), Rigoberto Leal (AHS Counselor), Myrta Mendiola (Executive Secretary), Joann Thomas (ILTAG Sponsor), Ryan Veracryse (Varsity Coach), Michelle Loya (ILTAG Sponsor), Mrs. Drummond (AHS Principle), Tina Smith (AHS Vice Principal).