By Lt. Anthony Baer

Administrative Assistant/ PIO

California State Prison-Corcoran (CSP-Corcoran) recently held ceremonies to mark successes for more than 100 inmates.

CSP-Corcoran graduation

Inmates listen a recent CSP-Corcoran ceremony marking the inmates
educational achievements.

Facility 3B recently held ceremonies for 25 GED graduates, six OSRT program completions, 18 OSRT certificates, 12 Network Cable Completions in Electronics and seven Electronics curriculum completions.

Six students spoke about their individual struggles, challenges and the reward of hard work.

Jhonny Izaguirre, who said he has been incarcerated at 16 years to life without parole, told his fellow students “Don’t let prison determine who and what you are. Don’t settle for less and don’t be easily satisfied in life.

“Don’t focus on the negative or challenges that lay ahead. Focus and look forward to the work and the joys of success,” he said.

Izaguirre, who is 28 years old, said that he has come to realize that a “hard working, happy life is better than an easy, miserable one.”

Michael Humphrey sang his speech because he said it was easier to communicate his message rather than speak it.

Paul Dornberg, who received an OSRT certificate, said, “I am currently serving 678 years to life. I am into my 16th year of my court-ordered sentence and I feel great.

“I wake each morning with a new purpose and focus on learning something new.  I have learned many things in the last hear, the most important thing is I can,” he said.

Thirty-three visitors in attended the ceremonies, including a sister who had not seen her brother in 10 years, a daughter who saw her dad get his GED and graduated from junior high school this month.

Facility 3C also recently celebrated 25 GED graduates and 27 Core Curriculum Welding completions.

The Warden, Connie Gipson spoke at the ceremony followed by five student speakers.

This graduation had an inmate band that provided the music—from blues to jazz to an original song.  More than 30 visitors came to see the success of their loved ones.