The California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) established an employee awards program in 2007 to recognize employees whose job performance clearly exceeds established standards and embraces CALPIA core values.

For the first time, CALPIA honored a Correctional Officer of Year at the June 21 meeting of the Prison Industry Board.

Correctional Officer David Guillen at Folsom State Prison (FSP) worked at the CALPIA Modular Building Enterprise for five years and is currently assigned to CALPIA Industries at FSP.

He is CALPIA’s Correctional Officer of the Year for maintaining a positive and professional attitude even while handling stressful situations.

Officer Guillen is known as a team player and for working well with both staff and CALPIA participants. He was also recognized for being responsive to CALPIA program needs and for making recommendations for improvements.

CALPIA thanks Officer Guillen for his service and congratulate him for establishing a high standard as CALPIA’s first Correctional Officer of the Year.

David_Guillen (2)

From left, CDCR Secretary Jeff Beard, Correctional Officer David Guillen and Charles Pattillo, CALPIA General Manager and Executive Officer of the Prison Industry Board