By OPEC Staff

Letters containing State Seniority Scores were mailed July 24 to CDCR employees in classifications expected to be impacted in the next wave of layoffs, whenever it occurs.

The employees receiving letters have until either Aug.  7 or Aug. 23 to challenge their scores and submit documentation to correct score discrepancies. The specific due date will be indicated on each employee’s letter.  The Office of Resource Planning (ORP) will review each challenge and provide a response.

For purposes of calculating Seniority Scores, an employee is given one seniority point credit for each month of full-time State service. “Full-time” is defined as having worked 11 days in a pay period. In the case of less than full-time service, a fraction of a point will be given, prorated based on the employee’s time base.

Calculation of Intermittent hours can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions on CDCR’s Layoff Resources website at

Employees who served in the armed forces can find information about determining seniority credit based on military service on the website.

If an employee wishes to challenge the Seniority Score provided in the letter, the Notification, Discrepancy form and Veteran’s Preference Points form must be completed, signed, dated and faxed – along with documentation to verify the change sought in the Seniority Score – to the ORP fax line at (916) 322-2389 or e-mailed in a scanned PDF version to ORP’s email address at by close of business of the due date indicated on the employee’s letter.

Employees who believe the Seniority Score provided in the letter is correct do not have to take any action.