By Lupe Cartagena, Administrative Assistant/Public Information Officer

The families of 60 inmates were invited to attend a recent graduation at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran (CSAT/SP).

The graduates, who were awarded 42 GED certificates and 18 Office Services and Related Technologies certificates, will be able to utilize their new skills while incarcerated and upon their release into the community.

Principal Patricia Medved was the keynote speaker

Warden Ralph M. Diaz congratulated the Tulare Lake Adult School graduates on their success and challenged them to strive for even more personal growth and success.

“If you are not moving forward, then you are being left behind,” Warden Diaz said.

Student/inmate Fredrick Morgan, 51, who received his GED certificate, gave an emotional speech.

“In the past, I’ve actually told people that I had a high school diploma even though I didn’t have one because I didn’t want to admit I dropped out of school,” Morgan said. “But now I can fill out a job application and say, ‘Yes! I have a GED.’ I don’t need to feel those insecurities about myself anymore.”

He thanked Warden Diaz and the Education Department for offering educational programs and the instructors for helping him achieve his goal.