CDCR has introduced an on-line application system for prospective Correctional Officer applicants and is accepting applications. With the introduction of the system, applications will be accepted on a continuous basis.

We are at a critical juncture in the Correctional Officer recruitment and hiring process.” said Andrea Wallin-Rohmann, Deputy Director, Human Resources. “The implementation of an on-line application system and continuous filing and testing will enable us to jump start the selection process and begin hiring Correctional Officers in record numbers.”

CDCR is experiencing higher than normal retirements, separations and promotional opportunities that have resulted in high vacancies in most Institutions with the “hard to recruit” institutions, such as Pelican Bay State Prison, High Desert State Prison and California Conservation Center, being in the greatest need.

The on-line application process can be found on the Peace Officer Careers  webpage, which also offers information about Correctional Officer pay and benefits, as well as information that potential candidates will need before they fill out their applications.

There are seven components to the selection process: application, written test, qualifications assessment, physical fitness test, background investigation, medical screening, and psychological screening.

The page provides links to the various components of the selection process to aid the candidates in understanding expectations and preparing for success in the process.

Included in the webpage is a link to a video of the new physical fitness test. This is provided to enable candidates to begin physically preparing for the demands of the job of Correctional Officer.

Upon successful completion of all the selection components, candidates are offered an opportunity to work at one of the 34 institutions, usually based on greatest staffing need.

Prior to actually working at an institution, candidates must complete a departmental 16 week Academy Training program at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt.

During basic training, a Correctional Cadet makes $3,050 a month plus.  After a cadet becomes a Correctional Officer, the pay scale ranges from $3,774 to $6,389 a month plus benefits.

The overall process to become a Correctional Officer is anticipated to take approximately nine months from point of application to Academy assignment.

Providing requested information timely and completely throughout the process will aid applicants in the most optimal processing time.  Additionally, understanding the desirable special characteristics required of a Peace Officer, and ensuring an individual’s background fits will help to streamline applicant processing.

The on-line application is accessed through the Peace Officer Careers webpage.

The Office of Peace Officer Selection will no longer accept applications sent through the U.S. mail.