By Lt. Martin Alexi, Administrative Assistant/PIO

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office asked the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) to assist Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence an organization which provide domestic violence prevention and intervention services to women, men, children and teens in the Santa Clara County.

CRC donated 140 cell phones which were confiscated from inmates.

Next Door Solutions collects phones and turns them over to Verizon.  Verizon, in turn, donates funds for crisis intervention programs and for use by domestic violence victims.

The phones provide victims a vital link to emergency and/or support services during a crisis and can also connect them to employers, family, and friends.

Warden Cynthia Tampkins said, “CRC is always looking for organizations to partner with that support and assist the people of its community.”

CRC seized cell phones

Members of CRC’s Investigative Services Unit with confiscated cell phones.