By Lt. Anthony Baer, PIO/Administrative Aide

Staff from California State Prison, Corcoran, (CSP-Corcoran) recently hosted “School Supplies for Kids Campaign” and delivered much needed supplies to one of the institution’s neighboring community schools.

Correctional Officer R. Gallegos said it well: “As local children are getting ready to go back to school, some of the students just aren’t prepared to meet these challenges because of the simple need for school supplies.”

Employee’s at the prison recognize the importance of an education and acted on this need by bringing donated school supplies to designated collections sites.

Lt. Anthony Baer along with Marlene Smith and the prison’s Principal, Bernice Van Klaveren, delivered those supplies to Waukena Join Union Elementary School students.

One student who helped unload the bus was heard saying, “It’s just like Christmas.”

CSP-Corcoran opened in 1988 and houses 4,297 minimum-, medium-, maximum- and high-security custody inmates.

The Kings County prison offers academic classes and vocational programs as well as community programs and work crews.

The prison employs approximately 2,300 people.

CSP-COR school supplies

Some of the school supplies the CSP-COR staff donated to a local school.