By Bill Sessa

Public Information Officer

Construction in Corcoran and San Luis Obispo continues CDCR’s $1.3 billion expansion of mental health treatment facilities to meet court-ordered improvements (Coleman) in the quality of care provided to inmates.

At CSP-Corcoran, the two-story, 14,932-square-foot building includes space for group and individual counseling sessions, recreational therapy and treatment and offices for clinical staff who provide outpatient mental health treatment to inmates.

The 45,700-square-foot facility at California Men’s Colony provides intermediate level, in-patient mental health care to inmates in crisis situations who require 24 hour a day treatment.  It includes hospital-style treatment rooms, nursing stations to monitor patients, and space for individual and group counseling sessions.

The buildings are two of 15 mental health construction projects managed by the Facilities Planning, Construction and Management Division. The structures were built with the help of inmates who are being trained in construction skills in the Inmate Ward Labor Program.

At Corcoran, approximately 75 inmates helped to build the facility as they participated in a vocational training program that prepares them to work in the construction trades when they are released.

During construction, 40 of those inmates earned certificates for operation of heavy equipment, welding, hazmat awareness and other skills.