CDCR employees are being asked to join thousands of their fellow state employees in helping those in need through the The California State Employees Charitable Campaign.

The campaign begins Oct. 1.

A former CDCR Correctional Officer was helped by this campaign. For his inspirational story click here

(You may not be able to access this URL from a CDCR computer.)

The 15-day window for the campaign launches statewide on that date.  Employees are asked to discover their passion and make a monthly donation to one or many non-profits to benefit their community.

As the campaign swings into full gear statewide, many Divisions are holding raffles, asking Managers to donate to staff prizes and key campaigners will begin distributing the forms.

The statewide goal is to invite every employee to give – it is called our “100% Ask.”

Although the CSECC is commonly referred to as if it were a single entity, it actually encompasses 29 regional campaigns throughout the state.

This past year these campaigns solicited more than 297,000 California State employees through the CSECC.

Thanks to the generosity of California State employees, thousands of nonprofits are currently being supported by more than $6.9 million pledged this past year.

During the fall, each state employee is given a payroll deduction pledge form and access to the Donor Resource Guide listing the participating nonprofits.

The California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board screens these nonprofits to ensure their eligibility but does not endorse them in any way. State employees may also choose to donate to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit, even if it is not listed in the Donor Resource Guide.

Annually the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board approve a number of nonprofits to coordinate each workplace giving campaign in the 29 regions.

These organizations are known as Principal Combined Fund Drive (PCFD) and are traditionally local United Ways.

The Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board authorize these PCFDs to deduct the administrative and fundraising costs incurred while managing the campaign.

CSECC is an employee benefit for those who would like to donate to charity through the convenience of payroll deduction.

There are thousands of nonprofits listed in the Donor Resource Guide or donors may give to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit by utilizing the “Write-In Organization” section of the CSECC pledge form. Payroll deduction donations start for as little as $5 per month.

For more information about the campaign, click here.

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