By Lt. Bryan Donahoo, PIO/Administrative Assistant

California State Prison-Sacramento Warden Tim V. Virga recently hosted a luncheon for previous warden’s of CSP-SAC, along with other official guests together one last time prior to Warden Virga’s retirement.

The luncheon also allowed staff the opportunity to meet and learn from the guests’ experience.

In attendance were:

-Martin Hoshino, Undersecretary of Operations

-Kelly Harrington, Deputy Director, Facility Operations, DAI

-Suzan Hubbard, Chief Deputy Administrator, DAI

-Scott Kernan, Undersecretary (Retired)

-Robert Borg, Warden (Retired)

-Theo White, Warden (Retired)

-Cheryl Pliler, Warden (Retired)

-Carl Larson, Warden (Retired)

-Dennis Sexton, Lieutenant (Retired)

-Lisa Dovey, Associate Warden (Retired)

-Fred Schroeder, Associate Warden (Retired)

(Photos by Office Technician Linda Tucker)

Warden lunch photo 1

From left, Scott Kernan, retired Undersecretary, Operations; Cheryl Pliler; retired Warden; Suzan Hubbard, DAI Chief Deputy Administrator; Theo White, retired Warden; Robert Borg, retired Warden; Carl Larson, retired Warden; and Tim Virga, CSP-SAC Warden.

Warden lunch photo 2

On left side of table from front to back, Counselor II Todd Hinrichs, Lt. Christian Stieferman, Lt. Leithen Engellener, Sgt. Elijah Caron. Right side of table from back to front, Business Manager I Sadie Richmond, Lt. Jonathan Clough, and Administrator Laura Eldridge.

Warden lunch Martin

CPS-SAC Warden Tim Virga, left, with Martin Hoshino, CDCR Undersecretary, Operations.