By Lt. Jackie Fernandez, PIO/Administrative Assistant

California State Prison, Los Angeles County

At the California State Prison, Los Angeles County, (LAC) the men on Facility ‘A’ are on a mission to give back to the community by supporting non-profit youth groups such as On a Mission Inc. in Los Angeles.

The men on the Progressive Programming Facility have held two fundraisers and have recently donated $1,300 to On a Mission.

On a Mission offers at-risk youth positive advantages to alienation and juvenile delinquency.

The organization provides programs that address pressing youth issues by teach young people the skills needed to succeed.

The donation effort plan was made possible by Warden John Soto, LAC Community Resource Manager John Warden and Captain Crystal Wood, the Men’s Advisory Council and the Men for Honor inmate leisure time activity group.

These men are providing funding to organizations that invest in the future of our local communities while providing a positive forum for inmates to give back to society.

On a Mission Inc. 003

LAC Staff with inmates involved in charity effort. At far left, LAC Community Resource Manager John Hunter and Warden John Soto. At far right, Capt. Crystal Wood, Associate Warden MaryAnn Buechter and Chief Deputy Warden (A) Tom Miguel.