By Mike Roots, Superintendent

Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp

The California  Fish and Game Department designates two days a year when  fishing licenses are not needed to fish California waters.

We took advantage of this recently and tried our hand at a little Amador County Trout fishing.

The event, conceived by camp staff several years ago, is very popular with our youth.  This year, Youth Correctional Counselor Debra Brady and Lt.  Jim Liptrap served as the event instructor and cook.

With all the fires burnings in California and CDCR helping with inmate fires crews, we only had ten guys in camp that could go fishing.

But all of them couldn’t wait to try.

Although none of them had been fishing before, they caught more than any of our previous groups.  They caught three fish, and apparently, there was a monster fish that they had all the way to the shore, but at the last minute it got away.  At least that’s how they tell it.

Along with the polish dogs that was enough for lunch.

The guys learned a new skill or at least tried something new and they all had fun.

Fishing With Brady

Youth Correctional Counselor Debra Brady, second from right, oversees preparation for a day of fishing.

Qing the Catch

Lt. Jim Liptrap oversees cooking of the catch.