By OPEC Staff

Letters have been mailed to CDCR employees eligible to participate in transfer opportunities that may improve their chances of avoiding layoff during Wave 4.

The letters mailed by the Office of Workforce Planning (OWP) contain worksheets for either the Statewide Bid Process (SWB) or the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP), depending on whether the employee is in a peace officer or non-peace officer classification.

Both SWB and VTP are outside the layoff process, so participation does not guarantee that an employee who moves as a result of either process would not be impacted by the layoff process.

OWP has posted a video on the Layoff Process web site explaining the SWB and VTP processes. Also available on the page are sample letters and worksheets, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs); a glossary of frequently used terms;  a list of resources; links to labor agreements dealing with the layoff process; and methods of contacting the OWP Customer Service Unit.

Also on the Layoff Process web page is a link to the SWB/VTP worksheet tracker. The tracker allows an employee to determine whether his/her SWB or VTP worksheet has been received by OWP without having to email or call the OWP Customer Service Unit.

To help employees with questions about SWB or VTP, OWP will conduct informational sessions for staff.  Information about these sessions is posted on the Layoff Process web site.