By Lt. Lupe Cartagena

PIO/Administrative Assistant CSATF

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (CSATF/SP) at Corcoran recently participated in the tenth annual “Shave the Brave” fund-raiser hosted by the Wish Upon A Star Foundation. The annual event was held in the Visalia Rawhide stadium.

Staff participating from CSATF/SP included Lisa Opstinick, Donald Mott, and Antonio Santos. CSATF/SP Family members who also participated were Amanda Salinas and 8-year-old David Stone.

More than $5,000 was raised by these participants for this worthy event.

The participants in the “Shave the Brave” Event shaved their heads in support of children with cancer.

The shaving of heads is symbolic, a visual act of solidarity with children who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. The message it sends to the children is clear: “We respect your courage and we’ve come to help.”

Acting Warden Stu Sherman said staff members were excited to grant the wishes of children afflicted with high-risk and life-threatening diseases.

Wish Upon A Star Foundation has granted more than 1,900 wishes in 31 years of service.


From left, Antonio Santos, Lisa Opstinick, Amanda Salinas, Donald Mott, and David Stone (in front).