By OPEC Staff

Granted, the State Employees Food Drive hasn’t officially started – that happens tomorrow, Nov. 1 – but the green barrels in the lobbies of the north and south buildings at Headquarters are looking quite bare.

FoodLink, the gatherer/distributor of the donations for the State Employees Food Drive, reports that baby food – dry or canned – and baby formula are always appreciated.

Food drive photo

Participating in the State Employees Food Drive is as easy as dropping a can into one of the collection barrels.

Before placing packages or cans of food in the barrels, please check the use-by dates. This is especially important for baby food. FoodLink strictly adheres to use-by dates for baby food. FoodLink needs enough time to gather, sort, check dates and distribute the food.

A use-by date – other than on baby food – indicates only that the food will begin to lose some nutritional value, according to John Healy, president and chief executive officer of FoodLink.  That means that food that is past its use-by date will not necessarily be tossed, he said.

But no chances will be taken.

“The trash bin is often our best friend,” Healy said, explaining that he would rather toss food that may be OK to eat rather than risk having someone become ill from eating it.

At the other end of the spectrum are disposable diapers. There’s no use-by date. And they are greatly appreciated.

Also greatly appreciated and lacking a use-by date are monetary donations. If you don’t have time or means of bringing food to Headquarters, cash or check will be accepted in Room 113 South. Just ask for Michelle or Brian.