By Lt. Lupe Cartagena, Administrative Assistant/PIO

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison

The Honor Guard for the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison  (CSATF/SP) in Corcoran participated in Fresno’s Veterans Day parade.

An estimated crowd of 20,000 lined downtown streets from the City Hall to Chukchansi Park for the 94th parade to honor the sacrifices made by those in uniform – past, present and future, the Fresno Bee newspaper reported.

The Fresno parade is just one of many events in which the CSATF/SP Honor Guard has represented CDCR.

The following members participated:

Lt. M. Smith – Commander

Lt. K. Curtiss – Assistant Commander

C/O B. Isla – Assistant Commander

Sgt. J. Garza

C/O M. Garcha

C/O R. Mobert

C/O S. Pickett

C/O S. Moore

C/O A. Thompson

C/O F. Seaman

C/O L. Hornsby

C/O G. Nagatani


SATF Honor Guard

CSATF/SP Honor Guard participates in Fresno Veterans Day parade.


SATF honor guard redone

CSATF/SP Honor Guard