By OPEC Staff

A can a month is all we ask (with apologies to the almond people).

Considering the number of people who work at CDCR Headquarters, the green barrels in the lobbies of the north and south buildings should be overflowing with cans and cartons for the State Employees Food Drive.

If each one of us brought just one can a month during the drive – which runs through Jan. 17 – that would be … let’s see 3 times the number of employees, carry the 1 … let’s just say the barrels would be filled several times over.

So, tonight, when you get home, go to the cupboard or pantry and pull out a can of soup or box of macaroni and cheese.  Put it in your briefcase, purse or lunch box, and then drop it off tomorrow on the way to your desk.

You’ll start your day feeling better, and the people who receive it when it’s distributed by the California Emergency FoodLink will too.

A can a month is all we ask.