By Lt. Gregory R. Bergersen, PIO/Administrative Assistant

Valley State Prison

Valley State Prison (VSP) recently donated $4,235 to five different schools in the Madera and Chowchilla area.

The funds were obtained from a food sale that was sponsored by the inmate self-help group, Celebrate Recovery.

Food sales provide the opportunity for the inmate population to enjoy food and snacks not supplied by the institution, while raising money for local schools and charitable groups. The inmates vote on which charities receive the donations.

Community Resources Manager (A) Tony Martinez said: “Our goal at VSP is to have an active self-help population.  The inmates participate in activities that are positive and rewarding.  The food sales provide a great avenue to help local charities while providing the inmates with the opportunity to eat foods that are not provided on a regular basis.”

The Celebrate Recovery self-help group chose to provide funds to the following high school programs:

• Madera High (North) Girls Basketball Team
• Madera High (North) Boys Baseball Team
• Madera High (South) Girls Basketball Team
• Martin Luther King Middle School Peer Support Group
• Chowchilla High National Arts Program

Each school program received $847 from the Celebrate Recovery food sale.

Chief Deputy Warden F. P. Field III said: “VSP has a long history of charitable contributions to our local communities. We are proud to offer these funds for the betterment of these school programs and to continue to help those programs that provide a positive experience for our local students.”