By OPEC Staff

CDCR employees who received an Options Worksheet from the Office of Workforce Planning (OWP) must have returned the completed worksheet to OWP by Nov. 15.

The worksheet must be signed and faxed to the fax number listed at the bottom of each page, or it can be signed, scanned and e-mailed in PDF format to the e-mail address on the worksheet.

Each employee impacted by Wave 4 Layoffs was mailed an individually tailored Options Worksheet on Oct. 31.

The options for each employee were based on the employee’s impacted classification, primary demotional pattern, and personal demotional pattern. A primary demotion is based on a classification.

For example, a Staff Services Manager III can demote to a Staff Services Manager II, which can then demote to a Staff Services Manager I.  An employee’s personal demotional pattern is based on classifications the employee has held on a permanent basis – excluding classifications specific to another state agency.

The employee was asked to look at the list of vacancies available, choose those that would be acceptable, and then rank them in descending order of preference, 1,2, 3, etc. The employee also had the option to resign, retire, or elect to be laid off.

Answers to questions about the Options Worksheet can be found in the list of Frequently Ask Questions on the CDCR Layoff Resources webpage.  The webpage also contains a link to a video explaining the Options Worksheet.

Also, any employee who has any questions regarding the Options Worksheet can contact the OWP Customer Service Unit, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at (877) 297-5599, or by email at Questions will be answered in the order received.