By OPEC Staff

Two features of the CDCR Intranet have been restored – a list of Lost ID badges and the Catastrophic Time Bank (CTB).

A link to each is available in the lower right-hand column of the Intranet homepage. The two features are overseen by the Office of Personnel Services, which can be contacted at (916) 322-2469 or

The Lost ID list provides a list of CDCR ID badges lost in the last 30 days. It also tells staff that should anyone attempt to use the lost identification card to gain entrance to an institution or division area, the ID should be confiscated and a supervisor advised.

If a listed ID is found, the contact person named on the list should be notified.

CTB lists those CDCR employees who have exhausted all available leave credits and for whom a catastrophic time bank has been approved and established.

CDCR employees wishing to donate leave to someone on the CTB should complete a CTB Donation form CDC Form 869, available on the Lost ID page, and submit it to the personnel office where the individual works.

Non-compensable leave cannot be donated.