Lt. Virginia Carr, AA/PIO

Central California Women’s Facility

Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) last month donated money, clothing, cell phones and food to Madera and Merced Non-Profit Organizations, said Warden D.K. Johnson.  More than $10,000 was donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) on behalf of the institution and the Veterans Support Group.

John Baines, Commander of Merced VFW-Post 4327 said, “All this money will go to the veterans and their families.  We want to thank the women and CCWF for their generosity.  Thank you for all you do.”

The Veterans Support Group is a self-help group operating within CCWF, providing a support network for inmates who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

VSG and Generation to Generation organized a large sale for the inmate population.  The items sold to the inmate population included items from hair care products to food items.  The monies donated were as a result of the fundraiser.

The Juvenile Offender Committee, a group of 21 inmates who were under the age of 21 at the time of their crime, held their annual food drive and collected over 7 boxes of food items, toiletries and hygiene products.  These items were donated to the Madera Rescue Mission.  The Madera Rescue Mission provides housing, employment skills & services to men, women and children.

Warden Johnson on behalf of CCWF also donated approximately 500 new undergarments to three Madera Non-Profit Organizations:  Doors of Hope Pregnancy Center; Community Action Partnership of Madera, and Madera Rescue Mission.

L. Garner, Founder & Executive, Doors of Hope, Pregnancy Center, said: “Thank you for helping us help women in need.”

CCWF confiscated approximately 100 cell phones, which were donated to the Community Action Partnership of Madera County- Victim Services Center and VFW, Madera County.

B. Raviscioni, Community Action Partnership of Madera, said: “We’re always being asked for phones.  The services we provide here are very rewarding and we thank you for your kindness.”

L. Belmontez, Madera Rescue Mission, said: “We have many people in need and these items will definitely serve those individuals.  It’s amazing what your inmate population does for the community.”

Steve, VFW-Post 1981, said: “Thank you for the cell phones.  We are collecting them and are getting ready to send them to military families and families of veterans.”

CCWF cell phone donations

CCWF Warden D.K. Johnson, left, with members of the Community Action Partnership of Madera and donated cell phones.

CCWF food

CCWF Warden D.K. Johnson, left, and members of the Madera Rescue Mission with donated food.