Lt. Virginia Carr, AA/PIO

Central California Women’s Facility

The Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in December donated more than $13,000 to Madera and Fresno counties non-profit organizations and to Sierra View Elementary School in Madera, Warden D.K. Johnson reported.

CWF and the inmate group Helping Others with Life Skills (HOWL) donated more than $1,400 to Toys for Tots, Fresno.

Sgt. Steffon Hicklin with the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program said, “On behalf of the children, thank you. It is very heartwarming to know you are here for us.”

Warden Johnson said, “These women work very hard in organizing fundraisers. The money they raise from these fundraisers is donated to the community.”

An inmate who is an executive body member of HOWL, said, “We chose Toys for Tots because we know the children are going to receive the gifts. They’re going to receive the benefits. Giving back to the children and those in need is very important.”

HOWL held a fundraiser, which offered the inmate population with food generally not provided to them by the institution. The fundraiser presented them with the opportunity to raise funds for organizations such as Toys for Tots.

HOWL is a 20-member panel of inmates chosen for their exceptional programming and disciplinary-free lifestyle. They provide life skills workshops to interested inmates.

CCWF staff and the Long Termer’s Organization (LTO) donated gifts and money to the Angel Tree Program. Members of the CCWF staff are active participants and always look for the opportunity to support those in need. LTO made a monetary donation of $1,000.

Janice Little, field director for the Angel Tree program, said, “Wow, CCWF is the first prison to participate in this program. Thank you.”

LTO is a group of inmates who have more than 10 years to serve.

Warden Johnson on behalf of CCWF and Juvenile Offender Committee donated $2,500 to two Madera County Non-Profit Organizations and to Hope Ministries:

• $500 to Fairmead Community & Friends

• $1,000 to Le Grand Community

• $1,000 to Hope Ministries (Youth Diversion Program)

More than $5,000 was donated to Sierra View Elementary School, Madera, on behalf of CCWF and Generation to Generation (G2G) to assist with the replacement of the school playground equipment.

Because of the generous donation, CCWF/G2G, will be recognized at a platinum level donation and will have a permanent placard located at the playground. Additionally, the largest donor will have the naming rights to the playground as approved by the district.

Chris Imperatrice, principal of Sierra View Elementary School,  said, “Your donation is the largest donation we have received thus far. We want to thank you.”

G2G is a self-help group dedicated to the women who are active or non-active gang members seeking support and intervention.

Warden Johnson on behalf of G2G also donated to the following Non-Profit Organizations:

• $1,500 to Hope Ministries (Youth Diversion Program)

• $1,000 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Madera County

• $1,000 to Continuing the Dream (Youth Diversion Program)

CCWF partnered with the United Way. CCWF staff purchased gifts for local needy children. CCWF staff believes no child should go without opening a Christmas gift and because of their kind and giving hearts; more than 100 local children will receive the joy of a gift this Christmas.

CWF and Angel Tree

From left, Janice Little, field director for Angel Tree, and CCWF Warden D. K. Johnson, Warden.

CWF and principal

From left, Chris Imperatrice, principal of Sierra View Elementary School, and CCWF Warden D.K. Johnson.

CWF and Marine

From left, Marine Sgt. Steffon Hicklin with Toys for Tots and CCWF Warden D. K. Johnson.