By Landon Bravo, Community Resources Manager

California Medical Facility

Staff at the California Medical Facility (CMF) earlier this month distributed more than 100 refurbished bicycles to needy children.

The annual bike distribution is a long-standing tradition at CMF.

CMF started the Bike Refurbishing Project in the mid 1980s to help the City of Vacaville.  The program is non-profitable and strives in supporting other non-profit organization throughout the community.

Used bicycles, regardless of condition, are dropped off at the institution by individuals in the community.

The bikes are taken to the Bike Project (minimum support facility), stripped down and separated into usable or unusable parts.  When enough parts are collected, a refurbished bike is completed in safe and working condition ready for donation.

Donations from the CMF Bike Project return to the community through, but not limited to, local schools, non-profit organizations, neighborhood watch programs, and police and fire departments.