By Lt. Gregory Crowe, PIO/AA

High Desert State Prison

Correctional Officer Casey Templeton was recently honored as the Lassen County Veterans Association Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award.

On Aug. 8, Officer Templeton a staff member from choking.

Officer Templeton observed a staff member who was in distress. Officer Templeton asked the staff member if he was choking.

The staff member couldn’t talk and pointed at his chest. Officer Templeton immediately positioned himself behind the staff member and performed the Heimlich maneuver.

A piece of food was expelled from the victim’s throat, allowing him to breathe. Officer Templeton then accompanied the staff member to the medical clinic to receive medical care.

The victim later said, “I will be eternally grateful for Correctional Officer Templeton’s keen awareness of my distress, swift and effective life saving skills and his professional command in a life threatening situation. Quite simply, Correctional Officer Templeton’s actions that day saved my life.”

Officer Templeton is an invaluable asset to the community and High Desert State Prison. His dedication to his profession, his family and to the community is an example to others.

For all of the above reasons that Officer Templeton was nominated for the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for 2013.

Correctional Officer Templeton displays the same morals and ethics whether on or off the job, which is an asset to the community and CDCR.


From left, Correctional Officer Casey Templeton and Chief Deputy Warden (A) Suzanne Peery.