By Sgt. Gregory Crowe, PIO/ AA

High Desert State Prison

The High Desert State Prison (HDSP) administration and Education Department of HDSP’s Mountain View Adult School (MVAS) were proud to recently recognize 46 inmate students for their achievements earning either GED certificates or high school diplomas.

These students represent the level of enthusiasm by the inmate population on Level 4 yards to improve themselves, despite overwhelming odds.

The MVAS graduates demonstrated that they could work hard and persevere. These characteristics would surprise many and impress more.

Depending on individual circumstances, many of these students had waited for months and even years to be given the opportunity to improve themselves, and to show their families and friends that they had the desire and ability to complete this important personal goal.

The academic programs on the HDSP Complex II provide students with the skills necessary to master the GED exam skills.

The graduates are following the footsteps of 63 GED and 16 High School Diplomas recipients this year.  HDSP is proud to support the efforts of these graduates and all the students at MVAS to achieve these important lifetime milestones.

HDSP graduation

HDSP inmates who achieved educational milestones – with considerable help from staff – are honored at a graduation ceremony.