Lt. James P. Hernandez , PIO/AA

Mule Creek State Prison

Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) staff delivered last month 413 pounds of non perishable food items that was collected and donated by MCSP staff to the Interfaith Food Bank of Amador County.

“One of our staff members received information that the Amador County Interfaith Food Bank was in need and Mule Creek State Prison and its staff immediately went to work collecting as much food as possible before the thanksgiving holiday” stated Warden (A) Joe Lizarraga.

The institution is involved in numerous events throughout the year assisting and supporting the local community. The can food drive was initiated instantly upon notification that there was a need.

The staff collected the food during a period of two weeks.

Amador County has endured the closure of the Preston Youth Facility, the closure of one local quarry and a number of citizens laid off from a second in the Ione area.

This has contributed to the Interfaith Food Bank finding themselves with additional need for assistance in providing more food to more families than usual.

“I believe in helping out wherever and whenever there is a need. I am very proud of how our staff have stepped up and contributed in such a short period of time,” Warden Lizarraga said.

MCSP is committed to assisting and giving back to the local community, he said.

MCSP food donation

Some of the food donated by MCSP staff.