By Lt. Lupe Cartagena, PIO/AA

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison

Project Santa has become a tradition at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (CSATF/SP) in Corcoran.

This year CSATF/SP staff donated more than 400 Christmas gifts and more than 100 refurbished bicycles as well as a check for $2,386.18.

Project Santa” is an annual gift-giving event which focuses on providing Christmas gifts to children and teens who otherwise would not have received a gift.

Each season, Christmas trees of “hope” are placed throughout the prison with name tags of low income children or children who are impacted by these difficult economic times.

Staff members pick a tag or several tags off the Christmas trees and buy the selected child or children a gift.

The bikes are donated to the prison throughout the year by community groups and local firefighters and police agencies.

Inmates repair the bikes, including new paint jobs, new tires and tune-ups. Bikes that cannot be repaired are used as part of the prison’s recycling program.

The inmates also contributed to Project Santa. Inmate charity drives were held throughout the prison yards and the proceeds from the charity drive allowed CSATF/SP to present the Corcoran Emergency Aid with a check for $1,896.40.

The Christmas gifts and bicycles were presented to the Alpaugh School District, Visalia Parenting Network, West Side Services in Huron and the Corcoran Emergency Aid.


CSATF/SP Staff and students from Alpaugh School District