By Lt. Richard Montes, AA/PIO

California Institution for Women

The California Institution for Women (CIW) hosted a holiday concert for female offenders earlier this month. The California State University at Northridge (CSUN) Wind Ensemble performed the concert.

The CIW female offenders had the opportunity to listen to live orchestral music from a culturally diverse ensemble.

The CSUN Wind Ensemble is a traditional, 50-piece concert band that performs music of many styles and varieties led by Dr. Lawrence Stoffel, Director of Bands/ Professor of Music.

The ensemble performance was one of a kind for CIW with significant value to the female offenders and students from CSUN.

The ensemble received a standing ovation from staff and female offenders as the auditorium was filled with the holiday spirit.

CIW Warden (A), Kimberly Hughes said, “I would like to thank CIW Chaplain Maryloyola Yettke and Doctor Stoffel for coordinating such a phenomenal and awesome event.

“The holiday concert presented a calming and soothing effect on staff and the inmate population.  The women were in awe and tears as they felt alive with this heartwarming experience,” Warden Hughes said.

The CSUN Wind Ensemble has been acclaimed for its musical performances garnering invitations from even the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The CSUN Wind Ensemble selected CIW as a part of their commitment to the community.

CIW concert 1

Female offenders at the California Institution for Women listen to a holiday concert performed by the California State University at Northridge.

CIW concert 2

CIW Warden (A) Kimberly Hughes with Dr. Lawrence Stoffel, Director of Bands/ Professor of Music at CSUN.

CIW concert 3

From left, Associate Warden Joyce Bean, Chaplain Maryloyola Yettke, Dr. Lawrence Stoffel and Warden (A) Kimberly Hughes.