By OPEC Staff

The Office of Workforce Planning (OWP) mailed placement and layoff notices Tuesday afternoon to those employees ultimately affected by the Wave 4 Layoffs.

The placement/layoff notices were sent to employees who will take demotions or transfers based upon the Options Worksheets they filled out last month.  Each employee impacted by Wave 4 Layoffs was mailed an individually tailored Options Worksheet on Oct. 31.

For employees being laid off in Wave 4, the effective date is at the end of their shifts on Friday, Jan. 10.  An employee who is laid off is placed on the General and Departmental Re-Employment Lists, which provide employees with preferential-hire status into the classification from which they were laid off or demoted.  The employee will remain on the list for 5 years or until rehired.

For employees being placed in a new position, the effective date is Monday, Jan. 13.

The placement and layoff of employees marks the end of the Wave 4 Layoffs.

Answers to questions about the layoff process can be found in the list of Frequently Ask Questions on the CDCR Layoff Resources webpage or by contacting OWP at (877) 297-5599, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by email to the OWP Help Desk: Questions are answered in the order received.