Lt. Marc Jarrett, PIO/AA

California Correctional Center

The California Correctional Center (CCC), in collaboration with Lassen Family Services (LFS), conducted CCC’s 24th annual Hobby Craft Fair at the Lassen Fairgrounds in Susanville.

The inmate population and CCC staff from the 18 Northern California Conservation Camps continued the tradition of producing and donating hobby craft items for the annual Hobby Craft Fair.

Camp assigned inmates have donated their time and self-purchased supplies to produce craft items. All of the donated items were displayed at the fairgrounds on Dec. 6.

The craft items change from year to year with the common items consisting of toys, clocks, belt buckles, redwood jewelry boxes, benches, picnic tables and playhouses.

The hobby craft items were available to be purchased/auctioned Dec. 7.  This year’s auction/sale for the Hobby Craft Fair raised more than $4,900. Over the past 15 years, the program has raised $123,745 for LFS.

The Hobby Craft Fair program is a partnership between LFS and the CCC. LFS is a non-profit organization that provides services to the residents of Lassen County.

A few of the many services LFS provides include emergency shelter for individuals and families that are fleeing domestic violence and a child abuse treatment program that bridges the gap for children who are unable to obtain services due to a lack of insurance or transportation or are unable to obtain necessary therapeutic programs. For more information, or to make a donation to LFS, visit their website at:

The CCC family enjoys giving back to the community. Planning for next year’s 25th annual Hobby Craft Fair has already begun.  Providing for people in the community and the willingness for the inmate population to give back are essential elements in the rehabilitation process.

CCC donation 2

Swing produced at Alder Conservation Camp No. 20

CCC donation 3

Playhouse produced at Parlin Fork Conservation Camp No. 20