By Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, PIO/AA

California State Prison-Solano

The California State Prison-Solano (CSP-Solano), in conjunction with the Inmate Family Council (IFC), helped bring some joy to children visiting the prison on Christmas. 

The IFC obtained donations from inmate family members to provide books to children of all ages. Two Level II inmates also crocheted stuffed animals and scarves for the children.

IFC members assisted with handing out the books and crocheted items.  Each child was able to have one of each, and there were some books left over so they were also distributed on New Year’s Day.

The inmates and children were all appreciative of the IFC and Level II inmates’ efforts. 

CSP-Solano crochet

Some of the crocheted toys that CSP-Solano provided to children during holiday visits.