State workers all over California can hardly avoid the message to stay home if they have flu symptoms.

A recent edition of the Sacramento Bee wrote about the flu prevention guidelines for state workers that were issued by the California Department of Human Resources.

The ‘Bee’ also splashed this headline on their “State Worker” blog: A reminder to California state workers:


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But for those state employees working in California’s 34 correctional institutions there is an additional factor to consider.  Every weekend thousands of visitors come into the prison to visit their relatives and friends.  Any one of them could carry an unwelcome guest- the H1N1 virus.

So to wrap up this week of stories about fighting back against influenza, CDCR’s Office of Public and Employee Communications has created posters printed in both English and Spanish.  The message on the posters is simple.

Visitors: (the poster asks,)  “Do you have a fever, cough or sore throat?  If so, you may have the flu!    STOP, DO NOT ENTER.”

(Click the link below to view the posters.)

Flu vistors posters

The posters, which were designed to be posted in visitation areas and other entrances, have been mailed to all institutions and should arrive shortly.

Experts from the California Correctional Health Services say the situation is still well under control within CDCR institutions.

As of Thursday afternoon, only eight institutions were experiencing outbreaks and each had 20 or fewer inmates suffering from influenza like illnesses.   So taking action to avoid and contain H1N1 can help keep CDCR staff, inmates, and the communities outside the prisons, healthy.