KVSP 2nd school adopt 2

What the generosity of all CDCR staff is about.

By Lt. Marshall Denning, PIO/AA

Kern Valley State Prison

Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) adopted Cesar Chavez Pre-School in Delano last month and the staff donated gifts to students. The school was the second adopted by KVSP staff for the holidays.

The school is organized by the Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation. The school offers three programs that provide child care and education to migrant workers and their children.

Santa and his  elf helper gave each of the school’s  160 students a wrapped gift, made possible by donations from KVSP Staff.

“The presence of Santa Claus was quite awe-inspiring to the little children, “said Warden Martin Biter. “To see their faces light up with joy at receiving and opening the gifts brings back fond memories.

“It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to give back,” he said. “I am continually amazed by the generosity and dedication of Kern Valley State Prison employees.

KVSP also adopted Pond School in Delano for the holidays.

More than 200 students at the school received $25 gift certificates, thanks to the KVSP staff.

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KVSP 2nd school adopt 1

KVSP staff and students at Cesar Chavez Pre-School in Delano.