In Southern California, Parole Agents for the Division of Parole Operations recently distributed 50 turkeys, food vouchers and bus tokens to parolees and their families.

The Parole Agents for DAPO’s Los Angeles Central Parole Complex and the Compton Parole Complex targeted parolees and their families who were in dire need of help during the holiday season, said Parole Administrator I Vincent Thompson.

Harold Dennis, a retired Parole Agent, was instrumental in raising the money to purchase the turkeys. He also delivered the turkeys to the Parole Complex.

The food vouchers were purchased from the money that CDCR allocates to DAPO for assisting needy parolees.

The parolees who received the assistance were surprised that the agents were providing them with turkeys for Christmas and several of them had smiles on their faces and thanked the DAPO personnel who were handing out the turkeys, vouchers and tokens.

“It was a good feeling to help some families, especially the children who might not have been able to have food on Christmas day,” Mr. Thompson said.