The Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) released its updated section on CDCR’s website on Jan. 15.

Working with the Office of Public and Employee Communications (OPEC), DRP’s Outreach unit, led by Tamera Calmer, Ryan Welch and Thy Vuong, redesigned the Rehabilitation section to clearly explain options available for inmates at different phases of their incarceration and successful return to the community. 

The Outreach team used web analytics to understand who is using CDCR’s website and what information they are seeking.

“This helped our team develop an ‘analytics-based’ strategy to clearly define users and their needs. The team also evaluated national and state correctional websites to discern best practices,” said Tamera Calmer, Staff Services Manager II, Resource Development & Outreach.

“Once we understood our target audience, we knew our Rehabilitation section needed to relate to an offender’s changing needs throughout their sentence, in the same manner as DRP’s new initiatives,” she said.

“Our goal is for people supporting inmates to use the website as a tool to help them get on the right path. We want these influencers – who are important to successful rehabilitation – to easily understand the right program for their particular inmate.” Outreach Analyst Nic Solberg, developer of the website’s new look and architecture. 

Users are urged to “get involved” to explore the full array of DRP programs that have been introduced over the past couple of years.  Director Millicent Tidwell asked DRP operating units to produce descriptive fact sheets on rehabilitative programming (“what we do”) available for download from the website.

As a result, the CDCR website’s Rehabilitation section has grown from five to more than 40 unique pages, including new images and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) glossary explaining different CDCR and rehabilitative terminology in simple language.

Programs are cross-referenced throughout the website’s Rehabilitation section to enhance the user experience, and also provide transparency to other public agencies and community stakeholders.

“The DRP team has worked very hard to not only improve the programs offered to inmates, but the access of information for their friends and loved ones as well. We are proud of the work already done and excited about our plans for the future,” said DRP Director Tidwell.

The Outreach team is planning Phase II enhancements to the website’s Rehabilitation section, and welcomes comments and suggestions.

Please contact Nic Solberg, Outreach Analyst,